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SalesForce Shortcut Keys

Web Application – SalesForce Shortcut Keys

SalesForce Shortcut Keys for Web Application

V – Go to Navigation Tab
P – Go to Primary Tab
R – Go to Header Search Box
F – Go to Footer
N – Go to List View
U – Get Link to share
C – Close Tab
T – Open new tab
D – Open Dropdown button on tabs
E – Edit
Z – Zoom in/Zoom out
Ctrl+S – Save
Enter – Activate a Command
Esc – Enter Keyboard Shortcut Mode
Shift+S – Go to Field on Tab
Shift+F – Go to First list View Item
Arrow Keys – Movement
Shift+C – Reopen Lastclosed Tab
Shift+R – Refresh Tab
Shift+K – Show Keyboard Shortcuts
Shift+N – Show/Hide Pinned List
Shift+Arrow Keys – Show/Hide Respective Top Sidebar

Web Application – SalesForce Shortcut Keys PDF

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