Wikipedia Shortcut Keys

Linux – Wikipedia Shortcut Keys

Linux – Wikipedia Shortcut Keys Wikipedia Shortcut Keys for Linux Alt+Shift+F – Move cursor to search box Alt+Shift+Q – Special pages Alt+Shift+R – Recent changes Alt+Shift+U – Upload file Alt+Shift+X – Random article Alt+Shift+Z – Main Page Alt+Shift+. – My user page Alt+Shift+L – My watchlist Alt+Shift+N – My talk …

Vuescan Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vuescan Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vuescan Shortcut Keys Vuescan Shortcut Keys for Linux Ctrl+S – Save Ctrl+P – Print Ctrl+Q – Quit Ctrl+I – Preview Ctrl+A – Scan Ctrl+B – Abort Ctrl+J – Eject Ctrl+E – Refresh Ctrl+Z – Zoom In Ctrl+U – Zoom Out Ctrl+L – Rotate Left Ctrl+R – Rotate Right …

Vim Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vim Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vim Shortcut Keys Vim Shortcut Keys for Linux h – Move left j – Move down k – Move up l – Move right w – Jump by start of words W – Jump by words e – Jump to end of words E – Jump to end …

Vi Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vi Shortcut Keys

Linux – Vi Shortcut Keys Vi Shortcut Keys for Linux J – Next line K – Previous line H – Left L – Right Shift+G – Bottom of document GG – Top of document / – Search Term N – Next N – Previous : – enter command mode :w …

uTorrent Shortcut Keys

Linux – uTorrent Shortcut Keys

Linux – uTorrent Shortcut Keys uTorrent Shortcut Keys for Linux Ctrl+O – Open / Add Torrent Ctrl+D – Add Torrent (no default save) Ctrl+U – Add Torrent from URL Ctrl+N – Create New Torrent Ctrl+Alt+Down – Move Down Queue Ctrl+Alt+Up – Move Up Queue Delete – Remove Torrent Shift+Delete – Remove and delete …

unity desktop shortcut keys

Linux – Unity Desktop Shortcut Keys

Linux – Unity Desktop Shortcut Keys Unity Desktop Shortcut Keys for Linux Win – Tap to open the dash with focus in the search box. Begin typing to find files or applications. Arrow Keys – Navigate search results Enter – Launch selected item. Win+F – Open the find files dash Win+A …

tmux Shortcut Keys

Linux – tmux Shortcut Keys

Linux – tmux Shortcut Keys tmux Shortcut Keys for Linux tmux new -s myname – Start with a session name tmux a # (or at, or attach) – Attach to an existing session number tmux a -t myname – Attach to a named session tmux ls – List sessions tmux …

Thunderbird Shortcut Keys

Linux – Thunderbird Shortcut Keys

Linux – Thunderbird Shortcut Keys Thunderbird Shortcut Keys for Linux F8 – Toggle Message Pane F6/Tab/Shift+Tab – Switch focus between Folders Pane and Message List Pane Arrow Down/Arrow Up – Go one message down / one message up Home/End – Go to first message / go to last message F/B …

Sublime Text Shortcut Keys

Linux – Sublime Text Shortcut Keys

Linux – Sublime Text Shortcut Keys Sublime Text Shortcut Keys for Linux Ctrl+Enter – Insert Line After Ctrl+Shift+Enter – Insert Line Before Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow – Move line Up Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow – Move line Dowm Ctrl+L – Select Line(Repeat to select next lines) Ctrl+D – Select Word(Repeat select other Occurences Ctrl+Shift+Up …

Rhythmbox Shortcut Keys

Linux – Rhythmbox Shortcut Keys

Linux – Rhythmbox Shortcut Keys Rhythmbox Shortcut Keys for Linux Ctrl+A – Select all Ctrl+Shift+A – Deselect all Ctrl+E – Extract audio from CD Ctrl+J – Jump to currently playing track Ctrl+Y – Focus and clear the search box Ctrl+N – New playlist Ctrl+I – Add internet radio station Ctrl+P – Add podcast feed …