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Adobe Reader shortcut keys

Adobe Speedgrade Shortcuts. SpeedGrade is a coloration grading software that promises layer-based color correction and look layout gear to make certain that virtual video initiatives are visually consistent and aesthetically compelling. SpeedGrade is for editors, filmmakers, colorists and visible consequences artists who want to take their creative work to the subsequent level in a expert grading surroundings.Adobe has modified the names of the goods of the Acrobat set several times, additionally dividing, merging, or discontinuing merchandise. initially, the name “Acrobat” was used as the discern call of a fixed of merchandise which included Acrobat Reader, Acrobat change and Acrobat Distiller. over the years, Acrobat Reader have become Reader; and the name Acrobat trade became simplified to Acrobat. among variations three and 5, fashionable and expert versions were one product known certainly as Acrobat.

Adobe Reader Shortcut Keys


Shortcut Key Information State
H Use hand tool Select Tools
V Use select tool Select Tools
G Use snapshot tool Select Tools
Ctrl + + Zoom in Zoom Features
Ctrl + – Zoom Out Zoom Features
Ctrl + 0 Zoom to fit page Zoom Features
Ctrl + 1 Zoom to 100% Zoom Features
Ctrl + 2 Zoom to fit width Zoom Features
Ctrl + 4 Reflow document. May make it easier to read Zoom Features
Ctrl + Y Zoom to specific Magnification Zoom Features
Bottom Arrow Scroll down Navigation
Top Arrow Scroll up Navigation
PgDN Jump one screen down Navigation
PgUp Jump one screen up Navigation
Home Jump to beginning Navigation
PgDN Jump to end of document Navigation
Ctrl + PgDN Jump one page down Navigation
Ctrl + PgUp Jump one page up Navigation
Alt + Left Arrow Jump to previously visited page Navigation
Alt + Right Arrow Jump to next page or view Navigation
Ctrl + Shift + N Goto page number specified Navigation
Ctrl + Shift + H Turn automatic scrolling on or off Navigation
Ctrl + Shift + [ + ] Rotate page clockwise Navigation
Ctrl + Shift + – Rotate page counter-clockwise Change View
Ctrl + H Turn Reading Mode on or off Change View
Ctrl + L Turn Full Screen Mode on or off Change View
F4 Show/hide Navigation Pane Change View
F8 Show/hide Toolbar Change View
Ctrl + F Find box Find and Select
F3 Find next Find and Select
Ctrl + A Select all Find and Select
Shift + F3 Find previous Find and Select
Ctrl + Shift + A De-select all Find and Select
Ctrl + D Document properties Acrobat Features
Ctrl + Shift + S Save a copy Acrobat Features
Ctrl + P Print Page menu Acrobat Features
Ctrl + Shift + P Print Setup menu Acrobat Features
Ctrl + O Open File Acrobat Features
Ctrl + W Close current document Acrobat Features
Ctrl + Q Exit (close all documents) Acrobat Features
Ctrl + K Access Preferences Acrobat Features
Ctrl + Shift + J Cascase all windows Acrobat Features
Ctrl + Shift + K Tile all windows horizontally The Rest
Ctrl + Shift + L Tile all windows vertically The Rest
Ctrl + Shift + 5 Change Accessability Reading Options The Rest
Ctrl + Shift + 6 Accessability Quick Check The Rest

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